Toothless Reptiles is an independent monitor breeding facility and we are just that, independent. I have no agendas and I do not do this as my main source of income. I want to provide you with a fun and involved experience because that is what I expect for myself. If this was not fun I would not be doing it, that is why I go the extra mile to talk to non-customers and to send out T-Shirts, temperature probes, and even the egg that your monitor hatched from with every sale. I am able to keep my prices very competitive because my overhead is quite low given the fact that my normal job pays all my bills. This is also the reason why I generally go long periods of time between clutches as I do not need to stress my monitors out with constant production. In my case, what is best for my animals is always what is best for me too. I am simply a reptile enthusiast just like each and every one of you who happens to have the resources to be able to produce some awesome monitors. After breeding monitors for over 12 years now I am simply wanting to share them with you. Keep Feedin’ -Cory