Our Approach

Our Approach

Toothless Reptiles is a local San Diego independent monitor breeding facility. We strive to give you, the reptile enthusiast, healthy captive born and bred Varanus Salvator Water Monitors. We specialize in “Black Dragon” water monitors or “melanistic” water monitors. All of our monitors are very well taken care of in a “House Pet” style atmosphere. We are hobbyists not business people. This is our passion not our job. We love these monitors just as much as we hope you will. If our monitors stopped producing tomorrow, we would still fulfill our promise we have made to our pets to keep them healthy and happy.

Our Story

Our Story

Like all of you visiting this site, I am a reptile enthusiast who enjoys a challenge. To me, the Water Monitor has been one of my favorite species of Varanus for three reasons; husbandry, temperament and size. I love building and setting up my enclosures even though it seems like my job is never done. The potential temperament for these monitors is a huge spectrum that I believe is solely based on your personal keeping abilities. Varanus Salvator can be a 9-foot-long monster that charges you or a 9-foot-long gentle giant, in either case they are something to be marveled. I remember watching “Jurassic Park” when I was younger and was intrigued by the intelligence of the Raptor. Not long after, I saw a picture of a Water Monitor sitting in an egg, I have been obsessed ever since. Going on 12 years now and still loving every minute of not knowing what’s around the corner. I’m excited to see what pops out of the egg next.

Meet the Breeding Team

All of the monitors at Toothless Reptiles are kept in an atmosphere conducive to low stress. This is how we have been so successful with breeding while maintaining great temperament. Here are our breeding monitors as well as a quick bio.



Born in 2004

"Yoshi" is a 5' female "Normal" water monitor that I originally purchased from Pet Kingdom in 2006. She was born in 2004 so she is very old. Yoshi began my love for this species and is still a huge part of my family today. Yoshi enjoys walking around the house and visiting with my cats. Click Me To See Toothless Laying Eggs!   


Kat Woman

Born in 2014

Kat Woman is a 4.5’ female Black Dragon originally from Vital. She hates being in the enclosure and when you open the door she is constantly trying to explore on her own terms. She really loves ground turkey and sneaking up on me when I’m in her cage. Click Me To See Kat Woman Enjoying The Sunroom!


dark night

Born in approximately 2004

Dark Night is from Thailand. He came to us in January of 2017 and was treated for all known issues and quarantined for a period of time. He is eating great and doing amazing. We are hoping he will introduce some fresh true Black Dragon genetics into our program this year. Here is the Dark Night unboxing video



Born in 2014

"Toothless" is a 5' female "Black Dragon" Originally from Vital. As you can tell she has a great attitude and is one of the most amazing monitors I have had the pleasure of working with. Toothless likes to get into everything, including climbing into people shirts. Click Me To See Toothless Laying Eggs!   


Bat Man

Born in 2008

Bat Man is a 6’ Male Black Dragon originally produced by Quetzal Dwyer. This big boy was imported in 2008 from Costa Rica and was brought up as a display animal at Walters World Of Pets in Texas. He is an absolutely amazing animal. We are very lucky to have the chance to work with him. Here is the BatMan unboxing video


scar II

Born in 2012

Scar II is a Bivittatus Sulphur Male. As you can see he looks like a cartoon character. So funny. Check the photo gallery for some pics of him not dirty. He has a great temperament and is not aggressive at all. He is now about 6 feet in length and very stocky. He is a great breeder and will produce some amazing looking Sulphurs and Double Hets (BDxSulphur) coming soon. Click Here To See An Eventful Unboxing Video Of Scar!



Born in 2011

"Blade" is a 6' "Black Dragon" dominant female originally from NERD. She is a very cool monitor with great, jet black coloring. She eats a ton and loves guinea pigs and leftovers. Fun Fact: Blade was a presumed male when I got her and was treated as such. She is such a huge dominant female that she would "lock-up" with my other females and actually force them into a state of parthenogenesis. Super weird. Click Me To See Blade Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year In 4K!



Born in 2009

"Scar" is a 6' 100% Het Black Dragon male originally from Vital. He was not a nice guy but he was an amazing breeder. Scar has since moved on and is living life at another breeding project outside of Toothless Reptiles. We are thankful for the many clutches he helped produce.



Born in 2014

Balerion is a Vital Exotics Black Dragon just like Toothless. In fact, they are sisters. She is very active and inquisitive and is currently paired with Dark Night. She loves to dig tunnels that are so deep that I sometimes can't even find her inside. She also loves to completely destroy her enclosure and throw dirt absolutely everywhere. Crazy girl.