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22 eggs onyx x Dark Knight

22 Black Dragons Hatching! (Due Between March 28th and April 20th) NOT FOR PUBLIC SALE!


Crocodile Monitor Project

We started a Varanus Salvadorii project in 2018. Hope to see fruits from this labor in 2020! So far so good!

Check Out The New Worlds Largest Indoor Croc Monitor Facility!

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Lace Monitors!!!

Bells Phase Male X Normal Phase Hatching! 5 Eggs Mixed Phases. Due Date 6 November, 2020


early 2020 World record clutch onyx x Dark Knight

20 Black Dragons Hatching! (Due Between February 25th and March 15th) SOLD OUT


20 egg clutch onyx x Krono (Sulphur x black dragon)

100% Het Sulphur/ 100% Het Black Dragon! (Due Between July 5th and August 15th)



Salvator x Salvadorii/Salvator x VariusĀ  Hatching! Due Date 28 September, 2018

Not For Public Sale! Sorry Folks Check The Homepage For Updates