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Crocodile Monitor Clutch

Fertile Salvadorii Croc Monitor Eggs!!! After about 18 months of trial and error and lots of X-rays and confirmed cycles thanks to San Diego Avian and Exotics Animal Hospital I have finally produced true USA CBB Croc Monitors.

6 Eggs 3 Fertile Due May-June 2021

Watch a Crocodile Monitor Lay an Egg!!!

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Crocodile Monitor Project

We started a Varanus Salvadorii project in 2018. Hope to see fruits from this labor in 2020! So far so good!

Check Out The New Worlds Largest Indoor Croc Monitor Facility!

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Lace Monitors!!!

Bells Phase Male X Normal Phase Hatching! 5 Eggs Mixed Phases. Due Date 6 November, 2020


Lace Monitors!!!

Bells Phase Male X Normal Phase Hatching! 4 Eggs Mixed Phases. Due Date 24 December, 2020