what to expect when you're expecting?

You might expect to open your package of joy from Toothless Reptiles and immediately start watching Netflix with your new hatching however this is rarely the case. Keep in mind that this is the most stressed your monitor will ever be. It has lost its family, is very confused, and is still trying to make sense of life. You will most likely need to let your monitor settle in before building trust. You owe it to yourself and your new pet to be patient and consistent. Click Me To See Some Hatchlings

Incubation.........still waiting!

Put them in the oven and wait about 6 to 9 months

Water Monitor Lizard eggs incubate from 200 to sometimes 320 days. In my experience I have never had a clutch incubate longer than 220 days. In fact, most of my eggs hatch between 195-205 days however this obviously varies depending on your female and your particular incubation temps. I make all my own incubators and incubate at 85 degrees and 100% humidity using HatchRite mixed at a 1:1 ratio of water to HatchRite. Click Me For A Cool Video On How We Incubate Our Eggs!

Please contact me with any questions

We are currently developing our own care sheets for the monitors we produce. In the meantime, please visit our YouTube channel and search the terms "How To." This will bring up all of the information videos I have made. There is plenty of information available to give you a great idea of what owning one of these little guys entails. Keep Feedin'