Please be aware that special circumstances may merit special pricing, such as buying in bulk and local pick-up. Make sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date with our clutches. Contact me directly for availability. 619-549-1508

$850- 100% Het; Black Dragon X Normal

$850- 100% Het; Bivittatus Sulphur X Normal

$1700- Double Het; Bivitattus Sulphur X Black Dragon

$2800- Black Dragon

$4500- Double Het; T-Positive Albino X Black Dragon

$7500- CBB Varanus Salvadorii Crocodile Monitors

$3500- Normal Phase CBB Lace Monitors (Varanus Varius)

$5000-$8500- Bells Phase CBB Lace Monitors by Grade (Varanus Varius)

$NFS- Hybrids/Hybrid Projects

$NFS- Tyrannosaurus

$NFS- Velociraptor

$NFS- Pterodactyl

$NFS- Megalodon

$NFS- Extraterrestrials -Multiple Morphs

Your Monitor will arrive with some handy temperature probes, the egg it hatched from and microchipped! We also provide an invoice for proof of Captive Breeding as well as the coolest business cards you have ever seen! (we do offer Toothless Reptiles T-Shirts per request upon ordering)

Payment via PayPal is preferable, you do not need an account to pay through PayPal. Keep in mind, all of our pricing always includes microchipping, tax and shipping anywhere in the USA via FedEx Priority Overnight. We also have the ability to ship on Southwest Airlines but this may have special costs involved. Please take note that we do not take deposits. We do require full payment upon hatching to ensure your place in line. Your awesome new Urban Dinosaur will ship no sooner than a month after hatching for safety and development reasons. We require proper scheduling to ship your monitor and we will not ship on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for safety reasons in case of delays. Thank you so much for all your support and be sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date with our clutches. Keep Feedin' -Cory