Captive born and bred monitors

CBB MONITORS: All of our pricing includes shipping and any other fees. We only sell hatchlings that we produce here at Toothless Reptiles. Visit the "Pricing" tab and the "Current Events" tab for info on our current clutches.

MONITOR MINI MICROCHIP ID: Any monitors bred by Toothless Reptiles as of 2017, will have a Mini Microchip inserted under the skin. These 15 Digit ID chips carry a specific identification number for a permanent lifelong tracking signature. All the ID numbers are stored in the Toothless Reptiles Database. Anyone buying a monitor that is advertised as a “CBB by Toothless Reptiles” should get the monitor scanned and contact me to verify the Birth Date as well as the Type and Parents. We specifically use Pro ID Mini Chips (ISO Certified) 134.2kHz which are the smallest on the market using a 15g needle. It is important to note that we use the most common international ISO Certified kHz chip frequency at 134.2kHz and you will need to make sure that the scanner being used is compatible with this frequency otherwise it will not recognize the chip. This service is provided at no extra charge to you and is standard on all monitors bred at our facility. Check the "Gallery" for a picture of the microchip.

DNA TESTING: That's right, Toothless Reptiles is funding a DNA testing project that will allow all of you to have your monitors DNA tested for a number of traits. We also have the ability to sex hatchlings via DNA testing as well. Please refer to the documents below for more info. Contact me directly with any inquiries after reading the project in its entirety.


Varanus Hybridization Project

So far, we have successfully bred a Crocodile Monitor (Varanus Salvadorii) male to a Water Monitor (Varanus Salvator) female. We have also successfully bred a Bells Phase Lace Monitor (Varanus Varius) to a Black Dragon Water Monitor (Varanus Salvator Komaini). We have viable eggs (in promising quantities) from both pairings confirmed via candling and incubating at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Both clutches are potentially due to hatch at the end of this year. CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK VIDEO ON THIS PROJECT


Shipping your new pet

As most of you may already know, shipping a live animal is very risky but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Here at Toothless Reptiles we strive to minimize these risks. In doing so there may be subsequent delays in our ability to ship your reptiles due to weather changes, holidays or even the particular day of the week. We will only ship reptiles Monday through Thursday. I also insist on personally speaking to every customer before their monitor ships for scheduling and safety purposes.